Peter Pan- Cast List

Congratulations Cast!!! It’s off to Neverland and away we go!!!

Come fly with us this Monday the 9th from 6:00- 8:00 pm for our first Mandatory Parent Meeting and Cast Rehearsal!!!! We are so excited about producing this well loved timeless fairy tale but we need every moment we have rehearsing, planning, building and sewing! Be prepared for production fees, reserved tickets, extra show shirts, makeup kits and congratulation ads.

Peter Pan: Catherine Pestinger
Wendy: Callie Fabac
John: Jordan DeLeon
Michael: Aidan Sitzman
Mr. Darling: Mark Sowles
Mrs. Darling: Chelsey Edwards
Croc/ Nana: Abby Tompkins
Liza: Erin Dublin
Grown Wendy: Victoria Flickner
Jane: Kyla Traub
Hook: Eric Moore
Tiger Lily: Giana Epps
Tinkerbell: Ana Hawke

Lead Pirates:

Smee: Wayne Janner
Juke, the Irish Pirate: Ian Walla
Mullins, the Scottish Pirate: Chase Harvey
Noodler, the Russian Pirate: Mark Sowles
Starky, the French Pirate: Clay Cartwright
Mario, the Italian Pirate: Coleman Taylor

Lead Lost Boys:

Curly: Marie Talbot
Nibs: Grant Martin
Slightly Soiled: Sophia White
Toodles: Drew Birnbaum
Twin 1: James Wilhoft
Twin 2: Lincoln Bartelt

Lost Boys:

Adalyn Evans, Addison Dalton, Allison Caraway, Aria Morgan, Breanna Lynn Elman, Corey Brown, Duncan Walla, Elliana Moore, Ellie Hanson, Emily Avery, Grace Hawkins, Josie Pool, Kaitlin Borgelt, Lake Sowles, Lauren Bailey, Lawren Moore, Liam Olinger, Megan O’Neil, Micah Borghese, Millie Bell, Molly Moore, Neva Bartelt, Olivia Thompson, Remy Broome, Sophia Adams


Amanda Morris, Brady Metcalf, Claudia McLaughlin, Emma Olinger, Grace Garbe, Grace Wampler, Philip Hanson, Seth Newkirk, Tara Dorsch


Brynne Franzen, Chloe Setiawan, Claire Boomer, Elise Handley, Elizabeth Dunbar, Grace Hewitt, Hayden Morgan, Hope Gardner, Jessica Chitwood, Kassie Clair, Kayla Goff, Kyla Traub, Lina Sattarin, Madeline Smithson, Phia Walla, Sara Roehrl, Talia Epps, Victoria Flickner

Neverland Pixies:

Anna Ravenscroft, Audrey Pool, Breanah McGroggan, Carly Jo Lutt, Janie Mandry, Lauren Robinson, Lexi Cartwright

The Pantastics:

Abby Strella, Addison Bahr, Anna Holmes, Ashlyn Burt, Ben Lodge, Brandon Heflin, Delaney Ryan, Ellen Ray, Ellie Fritz, Emily Heflin, Jackson Cartwright, Jonah Cartwright, Kaia Sefchick, Kate Meives, Katie Gumb, Libby Hitchcock, Madeline Everett, Madison Koerner, Morgan Jaeger, Nicole Folkerts, Sam Christie, Savannah Hammons, Savannah Santner, Shayanin Leelahakriengkrai, Sydney Largen, Sydney York, Zachary Janner